Our Mission

Honoring Fallen Heroes is a resource for Veteran and Gold Star Families to begin and run a small business. They believe owning a small business can lead to a stable future.  Honoring Fallen Heroes is dedicated to helping Veteran and Gold Star Families achieve financial and personal success.

Our Background

Honoring Fallen Heroes grew from one man’s service as a Marine Body Bearer at Arlington National Cemetery. That service taught him that the families of our fallen veterans were at the start of a steep road.  After the sacrifice of the fallen has been honored, the sacrifices of the families continue. Veterans and Gold Star Families need our help.

When Nick Bonadies retired from the Marine Corp he began his own company, Semper Fi Exteriors. Building a business was hard work.  Nick realized that his time in the Marine Corps, hard work, and mentors helped him along the way. If he could do it, he knew other families of American veterans could. 

That knowledge led him back to his days as a Body Bearer, and his vision came full circle. He wanted to help Veteran and Gold Star Families work to build a future. Honoring Fallen Heroes was born and, from its beginning, the focus was on Veterans helping Veterans.

Who We Are

When Nick Bonadies of Semper Fi Exteriors met Art Radke of More Prospect Now, it seemed as though fate had brought them together. Hearing Nick’s story and his desire to do something tangible to help, Art jumped at the chance to use his marketing skills to help. Together they have put together a team of veteran volunteers who have succeeded in business. 

This team of American veterans is uniquely qualified to understand the families they are helping. Veterans helping veterans means they know the emotional sacrifices that brought them here, and the channels they have to work through to make their dreams a reality.

Video Courtesy of the US Marine Corp

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