What We Do


Everyone can benefit from strong mentorship. Honoring Fallen Heroes matches Veteran and Gold Star Families with other American veterans who have successfully become small business owners. This idea of Veterans helping Veterans is at the core of what we do to give help to veterans’ families. Strong mentorship provides support and strength.


Taking an idea and turning it into a viable business doesn’t happen overnight. No one anticipates the sudden life change that Veteran and Gold Star Families experience so providing skill training is essential. Accounting help, computer skills, and learning to navigating basic business practices can seem daunting. Providing education for these and many other skills is vital.


A strong marketing plan, combining digital and social marketing, is a key ingredient to sucessfully launching and growing a small business.  Honoring Fallen Heroes and More Prospects Now work together to assist in creating a digital presence to help businesses and owners manuever the complicated arena of online advertising.

Workshops and Events

Honoring Fallen Heroes hosts a variety of events in different areas. Such workshops and events provide an opportunity for networking and learning about programs available to Veteran and Gold Star Families. At these events, presenters are almost entirely American veterans who are able to offer guidance, insight, and empathy.

Our Community Partners